Brigadier is a traditional polyploid mangel type fodder beet with orange roots. Brigadier fodder beet sits higher out of the soil (>60%) compared to other forms of fodder beet. This suits in-situ grazing by animals. The roots of Brigadier are typically high in energy but low in crude protein. The tops have a lower energy value but good crude protein levels. Together they form a balanced nutritional feed.

The highest proportion of bulb above ground, together with the lowest DM%, helps ensure Brigadier is the most suitable for young stock. Its ability to carry good levels of quality leaf into the cooler months helps benefit these systems.

Agronomic features:
  • Excellent versatility, suiting a range of systems
  • The highest proportion of bulb above ground than any other commercially available variety
  • Lowest bulb DM% available (up to 13%) = true mangel type
  • Exceptional utilisation by any class of stock

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Brigadier™ Plant Back Programme

Sometimes things happen with farming that can have big implications on our systems, that’s why RAGT has developed the Brigadier™ Plant Back Programme. It covers less than optimum field establishment of 2023 supplied and sown Brigadier™ crops due to environmental or paddock conditions that were outside of the grower’s control. Once the area has been assessed by RAGT and determined as a replant, the grower can access Brigadier™ replacement seed to replant for the specific area at 50% of their original per unit retail purchase price, provided by their participating merchant. For more information and terms and conditions click here.

Feed available

Substantial yields of high quality grazable or self-harvestable beets.

Stock suitability

All types whether grazed insitu or self-harvested and fed.

Sowing rate for grazing / self harvesting

Precision sowing equipment