Rouse is a mid to late flowering variety of the waterlogging-tolerant ‘white-seeded’ yanninicum subspecies of sub clover. It is suited to soils prone to waterlogging or higher annual rainfall and where the growing season extends to mid-late November.

Rouse is resistant to many clover diseases and moderate levels of hardseededness to help protect against seedling losses with false breaks.

Agronomic features:
  • Mid-late flowering = ideally suited to New Zealand

  • White seeded yanninicum subspecies suited to waterlogged soils or higher rainfall areas

  • High yielding

  • Ideal companion with Greenly II new generation cocksfoot and other sub clovers or include in perennial ryegrass mixes where suitable

Feed available

Option for soils prone to waterlogging or higher annual rainfall, mid-maturity offering early season performance. Graze until flowering then reduce stocking rate to promote seed set.

Stock suitability

All stock types.

Sowing rate

as the sole subterranean clover in perennial pasture mix

5 + 5kg/ha
sub combination in perennial pasture mixes.