Moxie is one of the latest releases from our perennial ryegrass development programme. Bred specifically for New Zealand conditions, its features will be sure to impress on farm. Moxie is a very productive diploid perennial with high yields, including exceptional winter growth.

Its semi upright growth and high tiller density means it will fit well into systems requiring a highly productive perennial ryegrass. While its heading date (0 days), helps ensure good early season performance. Sow Moxie as the main grass component, or mix it with Hustle perennial ryegrass or Greenly ll new generation cocksfoot for additional pasture resilience.

Agronomic features:
  • Latest breeding for New Zealand conditions

  • High levels of winter production

  • Heading date of 0 days = early season growth

  • Diploid robustness

  • Semi upright growth habit

  • Bred with broad disease tolerance

Feed available

Features excellent performance over the key growing seasons.

Stock suitability

All stock types.

Sowing rate

Dependant on mix, use lower rate with Greenly ll cocksfoot.


Diploid (2n)

Endophyte type


Heading date

+ 0 days