Rossi is a quality red clover which was bred for persistence and disease tolerance. Utilise its high quality to enhance pasture mixes or as a component of specialist finishing pasture with the likes of Punter chicory.

Rossi’s tap root helps ensure summer production while its high quality ensures maximum animal performance. It performs best under rotational grazing systems or utilise its quality for hay production.

Agronomic features:
  • Excellent quality feed
  • Tap rooted species enhancing dry tolerance
  • Bred for persistence
  • Include in pasture mixes or in specialist finishing crops to boost quality
  • Chosen for good disease tolerance (sclerotinia and mildew)

Feed available

Strong performance during the warmer seasons.

Stock suitability

All stock types.

Sowing rate

in grass seed pasture mix or combine with herbs as a specialist finishing crop.