Nouga has thrown away the rule book when it comes to tall fescue. With outstanding softness of leaves for ease of grazing management and high digestibility, it’s the tall fescue that thinks its a ryegrass. This combined with all the usual positive benefits of tall fescue make Nouga a pasture option that’s hard to beat.

Utilise Nouga as an alternative to perennial ryegrass for high production pastures that tend to struggle with increased temperature and pest burdens, and as a superior alternative to other tall fescues available.

Agronomic features:
  • Super soft leaves
  • Highly digestible
  • Bred for very good speed of establishment
  • Strong regrowth and autumn vigour
  • Suitable for all stock types
  • High dry matter production
  • Oceanic type – easier to manage
  • Compatible with companion species, especially legumes

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Feed available

Oceanic type meaning spring growth is much more manageable

Stock suitability

All stock types. 

Sowing rate


depending on companion species.