Among its other great traits, Tobby offers excellent frost tolerance, minimising the adverse effects on white clover’s survival and production, particularly during late autumn or early spring frosts.

Including a white clover like Tobby can be fundamental for optimising farm performance. In addition to its inherent high productivity, incorporating Tobby can boost both the quantity and quality of grazing pastures. White clover can fix up to 30 kg N/ha for every 1000 kg dry matter/ha grown.

Agronomic features:
  • High production large leaf clover
  • Very good frost tolerance
  • Reliable and suited to a range of systems
  • Ideal companion for perennial grasses in dairy and sheep and beef systems

Feed available

Strong spring and summer growth combined with very good cool season production.

Stock suitability

All stock types.

Sowing rate

in grass seed pasture mix.