We know you’ve been waiting and it’s finally here – RAGT’s own unique novel endophyte, RGT18!

Today, New Zealand’s farming environments demand novel endophytes as part of any commercial perennial ryegrass.

Endophyte is a type of fungus that lives naturally in the plant (found in the seed, and base of the plant as it germinates and grows) and produces chemicals (alkaloids) that can ward off insects. Some alkaloids the endophyte produces can be bad for animal performance though, which is why seed companies develop ‘novel endophytes’ – selecting strains of the known chemical compounds with the aim being a higher proportion of the good ones that protect against pests and help improve persistence, and no or limited amounts of the bad ones that impact animals.

Your endophyte selection should be based on what pest profile you are facing have on-farm.

As part of NZPBRA (New Zealand Plant Breeding and Research Association) RGT18 went through a range of protocols for testing; a multiyear process that included agronomic, insect, and animal safety trials. It’s an essential process in order for a new endophyte to be recognised by the industry. In the most recent NFVT (National Forage Variety Trials) tables, Hustle RGT18 came in as a top tier player, reinforcing the significant investment in not only novel endophyte but in the genetic development that RAGT has made.

RGT18 should be used for regions dealing with black beetle challenges affecting pasture persistence.

Agronomic features:
  • Epoxy-janthitrem family
  • Rigorously tested and proven
  • Black beetles are not fans of RGT18
  • Argentine stem weevil didn’t like it either
  • RGT18 showed little to no ryegrass staggers
  • High performance when partnered with RAGT genetics


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RGT18 Novel Endophyte Guide

Colour & Win

We’re giving away three $50 Prezzy cards to celebrate the launch of our new novel endophyte RGT18. To be in to win, download and print the colouring competition below and once you’re done, take a photo of your entry and drop it in the comments on our socials.

We’ll announce the winners on March 31st. T&Cs apply.

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